Welcome to The Patch! The patch is our pride and joy here at VEGGIN OUT and the major source of inspo for all of our recipes. Here we'll share the trials and tribulations as well as tips and tricks for growing a productive edible garden in a small urban space. 



Hi There! I'm Chloe - The Creator, Nutritionist & Cook Behind Veggin Out! 

Our Story

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Much to everyone's surprise, my relationship with vegetables hasn't always been this loving... Like most people, I grew up disliking vegetables with a passion. They were my kryptonite! Like, don't even get me started on MUSHROOMS! Still to this day, I will never quite understand the purpose of canned champignons? And like who buys them and for what purpose??

Over the years, my relationship with veggies has well and truly changed for the better. Credit where credit's due - the completion of a degree in Nutrition and an appearance as a contestant on the prestigious Australian cooking show - MasterChef Australia (season 10) has helped... but! The real game changer for me was making vegetable dishes my kids would actually enjoy eating! Every parents nightmare, am I right? 

As for the website - the concept all started from a very simple motto. "EAT MORE VEG! BUT FIRST, MAKE IT DELICIOUS!"..... and that's what I plan to do -  provide a platform where you can access delicious tasting plant-based recipes that don't cost the earth, your pockets or a considerable amount of time or effort. 


Although this website is designed around the humble fruit and veg, it's not entirely plant-based, instead offering more of what some might refer to as a 'flexitarian' or plant forward approach to our recipe selection. As a qualified nutritionist my aim is to increase the consumption of plant-based materials in the diet, rather than instil fear, restrictions or guilt surrounding individual food choices - meaning no food or cuisines are left untouched. 

For those of you that want to play along at home, I'll also be dedicating a page to food and nutrition. In particular there will be a large focus on eating more plant-based foods and what to expect when transitioning to a more plant based-diet; how to get your kids to eat veggies and getting the most out of your produce. Plus loads more. 

If you have any questions, would like to know more about a topic, or for partnership or collaborations please get in touch below. 


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